District Board of Trustees

executive committee

Selin Kavak

District Governor governor@floridacirclek.org

Deanna Kreinbring

District Secretary secretary@floridacirclek.org


District Treasurer treasurer@floridacirclek.org

Olivia Harrington

lieutenant governors

Elli O'Shay

Aliyah Knox

Tracy Pham

Amelia West

Mayra Gonzalez Guzman

committee chairs

Shaun Mitchinson

Anagha Mundrathi

Kiwanis Family Chair kfamily@floridacirclek.org

Vanessa Paneque

Matt Wade

Membership Education and Development Chair education@floridacirclek.org


Public Relations Chair publicrelations@floridacirclek.org

Taylor Marshall


kiwanis cki committee

David McCampbell

District Administrator administrator@floridacirclek.org

Trina Sessions

Executive Board Administrator


Floyd Adams

Tom Freiwald

Everglades Administrator

District Administrator-Delegate


Aaron Johnson

Travis Bennett

Meit Dave

Conventions Administrator


Aaron Forde

David Thorson

Financial Advisor


Live to Serve,

Love to Serve!

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